China has been taken for a workshop of the world with cheap labor all along. But in fact, with economic development of China, Chinese demand for high quality product increases continuously as well, which is particularly shown in automotive industry. As a result, the products from Germany gained great popularity among chinese people with their high quality and Germany is also known here as an industrial power.

Chinese indigenous automotive producers are no longer satisfied with the tile of “low cost cars” now, but hope to make some breakouts in upgrading their quality. This calls for the support from some fine automotive companies. Perhaps it’s also not a bad idea for German companies to take this 9000km away country as a giant potential market. Go China has become a trend!

Rely on our rich experience in tooling industry and understanding of different cultures between China and Germany, we provide our German customers with a very convenient platform to enter Chinese market. Our cooperation will bring win-win result. We also get some suggestions for the cooperation prospect to share.


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