Tengjie Mold is located in the manufacturing center of China Dongguan, called "Work bench of the world". 100% of our molds are exported, 43% to America, 32% to Europe and 25% to Japan and Korea. We hold several offices in 5 countries at the moment.

Big part of our work load is found in the automotive field and it takes up almost 50% of our production capacity each year which results in a consolidated Know How especially in manufactures and production features. Currently we have the capability to produce molds up to 15ton and regular sizes.

Besides the automotive parts, we have a special department for precision molds. Due to its unique manufacturing requirements, we monitor the entire process from material purchasing, machining technique and precision to strict dimension check. Additionally we are in a long term cooperation with professional precision component suppliers from Korea and Japan to create precision molds in a combined work effort.

In addition to the advanced machine park, 50 skilled mold makers are the pride of our factory. They conscientiously complete assignments with passion and experience. Like a family, we trust each other and work towards a our mutual project. This cooperate culture enables us to keep our skilled employees, avoid decline and instability caused by employee turnover.

As well as Germans are known for their passion of car manufacturing, we use that same drive in making molds.


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