In Germany

DP Industrie GmbH provides our German customers professional technical support, project management and after-sales service. Our project managers as well as the colleagues in Germany will provide following services:

1. The DPI manager will assist personally in order to establish an individualized mold design plan according to the customer's specification.
2. During mold construction phase, DPI optimizes the mold designs according to the customer's specification and their required injection machine type.
3. During mold fabrication phase, DPI updates the production process and documents it via pictures.
4. After T1, DPI staff reviews the samples together with the customer and continues to optimize the mold within short time.
5. DPI relies on long term experience regarding the delivery of molds and tools in a timely manner to the client.

In China

Meanwhile, DPI has an experienced and independent project management team in China. Their work contents include following points:

1. Design as well as detailed construction and fabrication plans according to the customer's timetable.
2. Quality checks on incoming material and machining process.
3. Daily inspection of the machine process at the manufacturing department on site. The DPI staff is in direct contact with the production team in order to simplify the communication process and take each request of the client into account.
4. Monitoring the project to avoid errors immediately.
5. Construct a mold optimizing plan and design detailed timetable after T1.

Customer communication and project management are our core competencies.


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