Tool design

The quality of the mold design determines immediately the quality of the mold.

Using Autodesk professional software, combined with the characteristics of all kinds of plastic material, mold flow analysis and warpage analysis is carried out on the product to determine the position of the gate, deformation control and cooling layout to prepare for the production of a high efficiency and high quality injection mold.

Our design will also be tailored to meet the customer's production standards.

We will also consider the quick disassembly and assembly of the mold in the design to simplify the mold maintenance during the upcoming working stages.

Injection mold

We have focused on HASCO and Meusburg standard molds.
Our trustworthy suppliers guarantee the reliability and accuracy of all components.
Our extrodinary experienced technical staff will provide a perfect manufacturing program and process.
The sophisticated machinery ensures the precise implementation of these manufacturing solutions. Finally, our quality toolmaker will present the exquisite molds to the customers like an artist.

We specialize in:
Molds for mineral reinforced engineering polymer products (PA6 GF)
Joining technology for plastic and metal parts
2K and multicomponent mold
max. mold size: L: 2500mm W: 2500mm H: 1800mm
max. mold weight: 30 tons


We can produce non-standard mold components, mold structure and mold plates including a precise full-size measurement report for our clients. This will shorten the cycle time of mold making and utilize the capacity.

Inspection and service

If your tools remain in China for series production, we will provide free maintenance up to the expected lifetime.

We offer warranty for all tools exported to Germany. If customers require tool modification and maintenance in Germany, we can provide a fee-based service.