If you have a good idea or a product prototype, let us transform it into reality.

Our experience will assist you with product structure analysis, design optimization, production feasibility testing, costs and various technical tests.

Efficient F&D (Research and Development) and optimal costs will assure a fast placement of your products on the market and aspire profits.


Our professional team in Shanghai uses a SLA Machine , developed by us, to make reliable prototypes for you. This allows us to make pre-series production of products by vacuum injection molding.

Plastic ist not the only component we work with, we can customize the appearance of products, metal parts and electronic parts to provide you with a complete range of product manufacturing solutions.

Small series

With the help of a injection molding prototyping tool, we can realize small production for you.

In the production process, we will assist with a professional product evaluation and optimization suggestion. Make your product can occupy the market quickly with reliable quality in the shortest time.